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Electric HVLP Spray Gun

Electric HVLP Spray Gunh
  • High Volume Low Pressure Spray Gun
  • Electric Built in Turbine
  • 800ml Detachable Container
  • Adjustable Flow Rate 0 - 45 g/min
  • Powerful 65W Fine Precision Spraying
  • Perfect for Paints, Laquers & Varnishes
  • Easily coat skirting boards, trims & furniture
  • Popular for Coating Giclee Canvas Prints
  • No Compressor Required
  • Silent design- Quieter than a Hair Dryer
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Clean
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Electric HVLP Spray Gun
LSS1Electric HVLP Spray Gun£57.11Coming Soon
Extra Detachable 250ml Container - Sealable Lid

Extra bottle comes with a sealable lid to keep your varnish airtight without the need to pour it back into the original container.

LSS1B250Extra Detachable 250ml Container - Sealable Lid250ml£11.41Coming Soon
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