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Electric Upholstery Staple Gun

Electric Upholstery Staple Gun
  • Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery
  • Carpet and Vinyl Fitting made easy
  • Popular with Canvas & Picture Framers
  • Lightweight, Compact and Sturdy
  • Easy to Grip & Fire
  • Accepts Staple (140) sizes 6 - 14 mm
  • Compatible with Arrow T 50 Staples
  • Rapid - Fires 25 Staples per Minute
  • Quick loading, simple to use !
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Professional Electric Upholstery Staple Gun
ACCSEProfessional Electric Upholstery Staple Gun£36.50Coming Soon
Galvanised Staples

Box of 5000 staples compatible with both our electric and heavy duty staple guns.

ACCSESBox of 5000 Galvanised Staples8mm£6.50Coming Soon
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